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All payments are handled through our third-party payment gateway. Your data is housed securely by the POPI Act.

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How to Become a Startwise Expert

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Apply to be an expert on Startwise and submit your credentials.

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Complete your profile by adding your intro video, area of expertise, skills, subscription and additional services offered.

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Everything You Need to Know About Startwise as an Expert and More!

What do i need to set up my profile?

Complete all the required fields. You will need to include a short bio positioning your areas of expertise as a mentor, upload a short introductory video and remember to include the reasons why a mentee should enlist your services. Please select the categories that you are qualified in for the search filter.

What do i do if the session runs over time?

If your client has booked an hour session and you are running over time, simply end the session at an hour and schedule another one for the additional time needed. This ensures your billing runs correctly.


How do i set my own rate/fee?

Simply log into your profile and complete all the requested fields.

My profile is not showing on the platform?

After signing up to the Startwise platform and you have been approved. Go back to your profile and populate all required fields including your rate, introductory view, expertise and specialised categories. 

If you require assistance, contact

Are calls and chats confidential?

Yes, the Startwise Platform has been developed to be secure and all exchanges are encrypted. It also ensures your data is housed in compliance with the POPI Act.

Is there a fee? What is the payment structure?

You set your own hourly rate through the Startwise Platform.

Startwise charges you a fee (the "Service Fee”) based on a percentage of Appointment Fees collected on your behalf. The current applicable percentage on all sessions/services/mentorship plans is twenty per cent (20%). The Service Fee is deducted from the Appointment Fee payable to you in respect of an Appointment.

T&C’s apply

How do i pause, cancel or end my subscription?

If at any stage you are unhappy with the service or platform, please email

How do i receive payment?

Card transactions will be acquired for Starwise via PayGate (Pty) Ltd which is the approved payment gateway for all South African Acquiring Banks. The payment gateway accepts Mastercard/Visa, debit and credit card payments as well as EFT’s from the main South African banks. Once you reach the minimum threshold of earning R1 000 and have completed the sessions/services booked, payments will be made on a weekly basis.

T&C’s apply

Will i be reviewed by clients?

Yes. After each session, a message will be sent to the mentee where they can review the session.


Can i change or reschedule sessions?

Yes, you can reschedule the meeting if the mentor/mentee did not attend the meeting.

How do i connect with mentees or set up sessions?

You can easily connect to mentees through the Startwise Platform chat functionality.

A mentee will schedule a session through the calendar on your profile. You can view the appointment on your dashboard. If you need to reschedule your session, please email

When an Appointment is requested with you via the Platform, you will also receive an email confirmation of the time and the mentee's full name and surname.

How long will it take to be added to the network?


After registering on Startwise, you will be requested to submit information such as your LinkedIn Profile, accreditations, work experience etc. This data will not be made public as it’s purely for the vetting processes.

Once you have submitted all the required documentation for the panel to verify, it takes less than a week to review your application and for you to complete your profile on the Startwise Platform.

Is there a minimum requirement to be an Expert?

To qualify as a Startwise Expert, it is mandatory to possess a minimum of 10 years of relevant experience in the specific area or field of expertise. We value the expertise and knowledge that come with years of practical experience, as it enables experts to provide valuable guidance and support to aspiring entrepreneurs.

When registering as an expert on Startwise, you will be required to submit specific documents that validate your qualifications. These documents serve as a means to ensure the credibility and expertise of our experts. Please note that the submitted documents are strictly confidential and are not made public. We prioritize the privacy and security of our experts' personal and professional information.

By maintaining these rigorous qualification standards, we aim to uphold the quality of mentorship provided on the Startwise platform, enabling mentees to connect with experienced professionals who can offer valuable insights, guidance, and support on their entrepreneurial journey.

What do i ned to submit to apply to be an Expert?

Apply to mentor on the Startwise platform. Part of the application is to complete your profile and qualifying criteria. This includes points such as providing a Link to your LinkedIn profile, Experience and Field of expertise etc. Note: Your personal information such as your CV etc. will not be made public. Your profile will automatically be submitted for review.


How does the vetting process work?

Our panel assesses and verifies that your career history is in line with the category in which your expertise will be listed. Once all your credentials have been checked, your profile will be made live on the Startwise Platform. Remember to complete your profile before commencing with your mentorship.

How do i join?

Apply to be a mentor directly on the Platform. Set up your profile and submit it for vetting. Remember to complete your profile once you are approved. From there all sessions are booked and held within the Platform.

The Startwise Platform will take you through a short onboarding process to ensure you are familiar with all the Startwise functionality and features.

Why should i join Startwise?

You have the ability to earn extra revenue while working the hours that suit you. Mentor entrepreneurs, SME business owners and the like. Plus you can continue your path as an industry thought leader by sharing knowledge across our digital platforms.

Click here for more reasons to apply to be a mentor.

How do i change my fees/rate to mentees?

If you would like to increase or decrease your rate to mentees, simply log into your mentor profile and update it. This new rate will be applied to all your sessions booked in the future.

Note, if a mentee has already booked and paid for a session, you will need to honour the rate you were charging at the time of booking.

How do i get more mentees or my first mentee?

Startwise is responsible for marketing to attract mentees to the platform. If you have a great idea for a campaign to drive bookings, reach out to us on

I am unavailble for a while, what can i do?

Adjust your calendar availability through your profile on Startwise.

What length of time should a subscription run for?

Startwise recommends setting your subscription offering for a period of either 1 month. If you would like to chat with our Startwise platform expert for guidance, contact 

What happens if a mentee pays for a session but doesn't book it with me as their mentor?

If a mentee pays for a session but does not book it with you, unfortunately, you will not receive compensation for that unbooked session.

Why am I not compensated for unbooked sessions?

Our compensation structure is designed to ensure that mentors are rewarded for their time and expertise when actively engaged in mentorship sessions. Unbooked sessions represent situations where the mentoring interaction has not taken place, so compensation is not provided in these cases.

Requirements to become an expert

We are currently welcoming all professionals who can meet the criteria below:
  • Location: South Africa
  • Industry experience: 10+ years
  • Seniority level: Mid-level specialists and above
  • Approach: Inclusive and welcoming to those of all backgrounds and cultures
  • Mentorship experience: No previous mentorship experience is required. But we do ask that you genuinely want to help another person grow professionally.

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